Unicorn Brooklyn Came into Existence as A Result of Extraordinary Passion and Love for Hand-Made Accessories and DIY Fashion Products.

Unicorn Brooklyn is a unique fashion brand that offers diverse hand-made styles and designs. We make everything ourselves that brings a sentimental and passionate touch to all our accessories and makes us stand out from the rest.
Miri, the owner of Unicorn Brooklyn, truly enjoys making accessories from her own hands and she does it with all her heart. She believes that we can bring magic into the world through passion and novelty. Miri always loved making her own bands and accessories, and felt that adorning yourself with the things you fervently craft yourself, gives an incomparable feeling of satisfaction & fulfillment.
Miri’s beautiful daughters always inspired her and elevated her confidence by complimenting her creations and aesthetics. Therefore, she wants to inspire other kids and give them an opportunity to make their own accessories.

It’s All About Personalization and Creativity!

Unicorn Brooklyn is for all those people who believe they can achieve anything by putting their time and effort into it. It’s for people who love accessories and want to put their own style into it. We genuinely understand the feeling of carefully crafting and receiving something worth the money that is unique and distinctive.
Accessories are an exciting way to add fun to your look. Imagine how amusing it would be to get a whole new range without spending too much. Unicorn Brooklyn gives you an opportunity to play with your artistic side and bring all your ideas to life. From classic to chic to glamorous!

Unicorn Brooklyn caters to people who have a desire of creating their own stuff including kids, teens, and parents all around the world.

We deal in hand-made, designer, and DIY accessories including headbands, bracelets, necklaces, and hairclips. Our DIY kits provide freedom to girls to make stuff of their choice and add their personal touch to it.