It’s the DIY Headbands Trend This Season!

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You Think Your Outfit Is Looking A Bit Boring and You Need to Add Life to It?

If that’s the case, just add an exciting piece and accessory, and you’re good to go! Adding accessories to your overall look is the most reasonable and the best way to make yourself stand apart from the crowd. You are wearing a white tee and want to add a splash of color in it? Go floral or geometric with a lively headband, and it will immediately make you look fashionable and stylish! The DIY idea is slowly coming back and evolving the way people view accessories. A few years ago, the concept of women wearing hand-made or DIY accessories would have been a big no. They would’ve denied wearing any of them because of their association with the perception that hand-made accessories are opted by people who can’t afford to buy branded ones or from jewelry stores.

Today, it is different and changing. Teens and adults are loving the new trend because of the unique styles and designs available in it. Going to birthdays, movies, dinner, school – and whatever you’re wearing – attractive head accessories will take your attire to the next level! This summer you can add a little fun to your hair by wearing headbands that are great for girls of all ages and extremely easy to make! We have a few tips on how to make your headbands lively and colorful.

  • Rolled Fabric Roses

Rolled fabric roses are a very common way to make your dull and boring headbands enjoyable by adding color.

  • Flower and Feather

It’s not hard finding fabric flowers and silk ruffles anywhere. You can easily create fancy headbands that will be fashionable and great for the price.

  • Crochet Rosette

Make beautiful crochet rosettes from a hairpin and fix it to a headband of your choice to adorn your hairstyle.

  • Buttons

Suiting any attire, buttons are the easiest and most accessible elements to decorate your accessories.

  • Burst Blossom

Whatever outfit you wear, with a large flower on the side of your headband will turn heads around.

  • Colorful Beads

Get a chance to sparkle by decorating your headband with delicate sparkly beads!

Use these tips above and make yourself look effortlessly chic. These DIY simple headbands will be good to wear at any outing and event. The best thing about these headbands is that they are perfect when you’re having a bad hair day!

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