We have a never-ending Love and Passion for Hand-made Accessories and DIY Accessories for Girls. With our wide collection of hand-made, designer and DIY accessories ranging from headbands, bracelets, necklaces, hairclips, and our favorite DIY Headbands for girls, Unicorn Brooklyn is for all the fashionistas out there. We started with our immense passion and never-ending love for hand-made accessories, Headbands DIY Design, and DIY fashion products infusing love, fervor, and quality. The goal was to provide a dedicated platform or a store where women and girls can shop for Design Headbands Online. To accomplish this goal, Miri (The Owner of Unicorn Brooklyn) combined her craft with zeal to deliver a gorgeous and chic range of accessories, Handmade Baby Headbands, Fashion Headbands for shorthair and DIY Headbands for girls. Miri truly enjoys making accessories from her own hands, and she does it with all her heart. She believes that we can bring magic into the world through passion and novelty. Miri believes that people who have a desire to create their own stuff are natural-born artists and love making things on their own.

We adore all our cute little angels and enjoy making hand-made products for them that complement their attires while making them look chic, charming and yes, fashionable. Our Handmade Unicorn Headband’s will definitely look amazing on you and your adorable little princesses. Our DIY kits provide freedom for girls to create fantastic stuff of their own choice and ideas by adding their personal touch to it. Unicorn Brooklyn allows you to play with your imaginative side and bring all your fashion and trendy designs to life – from classic to chic & glamorous.

Creativity & Fashion Combined

Headbands and DIY fashion accessories are quite apparent. It’s an accessory that women of all ages even girls sometimes think about. Headbands are a great way to be fashionable while staying casual.

Unicorn Brooklyn is for all those people who believe they can achieve anything by putting their time and effort into it. It’s for people who love accessories and want to put their own style into it. We genuinely understand the feeling of carefully crafting and receiving something worth the money that is unique and distinctive.

Accessories are an exciting way to add fun to your look. Imagine how amusing it would be to get a whole new range without spending too much. Unicorn Brooklyn gives you an opportunity to play with your artistic side and bring all your ideas to life. We have an extensive collection of Handmade Headbands Available for Sale at our online store, and all our cute fashionistas can browse the latest collection and their favorite DIY Headbands and Fashion accessories now.

Why DIY Fashion Products?

The DIY idea is slowly coming back and evolving the way people view accessories. A few years ago, the concept of women wearing hand-made or DIY accessories would have been a big no. They would’ve denied wearing any of them because of their association with the perception that hand-made accessories are opted by people who can’t afford to buy branded ones or from jewelry stores. Today, it is different and changing. Teens and adults are loving the new trend because of the unique styles and designs available in it. Going to birthdays, movies, dinner, school – and whatever you’re wearing – attractive head accessories will take your attire to the next level. Our Handmade Headbands Available for Sale and our DIY Headbands can make you and your little princesses look graceful and fashionable. All our accessories, headbands, and DIY products provide an exciting, joyful and simplistic way to be more stylish and enhance the looks of yourself and your little fashionistas in the making.